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missed call servise

Missed Call Alert Service

Missed Call Alert service is a real time announcements system of all calls on dedicated Mobile / Land line Phone / Toll Free Number etc. The system is completely automated web based application which enables you to get the best competitive Missed Call Alert services in affordable price.

Missed Call Alert service can be use for following functions as per requirements :

Where to Use ?

  • Mobile Number Verification
  • Forget/Retrieve Password
  • Support/Sales
  • Lead Generation


  • Operator and Location wise detailed reporting
  • Save Running Cost upto 90%
  • Unlimited Call Reporting/Sales
  • Geo Mapping on Google Maps
  • Set Auto SMS, Voice Calls, Email's
  • Call Conferencing Service
  • Real time Call Forwarding with API's
  • Fully Customize as per the requirements

How It Works

When a new call reaches on your number our system automatically rejects the call after one ring and pushes the information about Call Number, Time, Location and Operator to your Web panel / Server.

Voice Call Services

We provide web based Voice Call marketing application that includes everything you need to create, send, track and earn profit from our Voice Call services. 100% Transparent and Genuine Reports as how we are getting from our corresponding Telecom Operators.

Bulk Voice Call Campaign is widely used for following activities :

  • Lead Generation
  • Political Campaign Promotions
  • Vote Reminders
  • Service Reminders
  • Announcements
  • Insurance Premium Reminders
  • Marketing Products and Services
  • Wake-Up Calls
  • Medicine Reminders
  • Event Notifications
  • Voter Registration
  • Fund Raising
  • Product Promotions
  • Event Notification
  • Give reminders like EMI
  • Meeting Alerts
  • Stock Alerts
  • Mass Staff Announcement
voice call service

How It Works

Voice Call enables you to connect with your customers by calling their Mobile /Landline phone numbers anywhere in India with a pre-recorded voice message through a fully automated Online System. Voice Calls are completely automated process hence no operators or dialer is needed to process the call, once the system is set with your pre-recorded message and contact list through our user friendly online control panel then our system will start calling the recipients and plays your pre-recorded voice message.
bulk SMS service

Bulk SMS Services

Marketing strategy is most important part of any business. Every business industry wants to connect directly with their customers where Bulk Text Messaging is one of the best tool through which business industrialist directly touch their customers to communicate.

Yobisys Bulk SMS Services offers you the communication medium capable of reaching large number of peoples or groups with a single click regardless of wherever they are. Bulk SMS service based on Internet where we provide flexibility in the SMS solution services to integrate SMS API for your web software or desktop software.

There are Two types of Bulk SMS -

Promotional Messages : Message containing promotional material or advertisement for a product or service.

Transactional Messages : SMS integration available at every verification and informatic points like Member Joining, Forget Password, Pin Transfer, Bank Withdrawal Request, E-wallet Fund Transfer, Pin Generator etc.

Long Code Services

Long code also known as virtual mobile number, is a reception mechanism used by businesses to receive SMS messages and voice calls. As well as being internationally available, long numbers enable businesses to have their own number, rather than short codes which are generally shared across a lot of brands. With long-code services, establishments are prepared with two-way messaging /SMS capabilities using the familiar 10 digit mobile number.

long code service

How It Works

A wireless subscriber is made aware of a Long Code, whether through TV, radio, online or through an advertisement, and asked to send a text message or call the 10 digit number. The wireless subscriber then addresses a text message to the Long Code number (e.g. 212-555-1212) and enters text into the message. Once the wireless subscriber sends the message, it is routed through the wireless service providers' network to the Long Code messaging or voice server. The wireless service provider's messaging or voice server then determines where to route the message based on the Long Code and which application provider or brand supports/ corresponds to the Long Code. The application receives the message and routes it through the software application, which could include sending a confirmation or follow-up message back to the wireless subscriber who originated the message.
short code serice

Short Code Services

Short codes are widely used for value-added services such as television voting, ordering ringtones, charity donations, pulling information from application, sales force automation, interactive campaign and various mobile services.

Most of the Short Code SMS Service Providers have tie up with almost all major Service Providers Use this five- or six-digit number to provide customers with an easy to memorize code that enables immediate participation in marketing campaigns. Dedicated Short Codes are capable of enabling high volume outbound mobile communication to opt-in subscribers and also perfect for enabling mobile responses for print, radio, TV, event or FMCG packaging campaigns.

Short codes have been made more popular in the last few years by a number of television shows that allow viewers to text a message to a short number. Examples include viewers sending a text message to a short code to vote for their favorite contestant of a reality TV show, or to make a charitable donation. These short codes have since become a very effective form of marketing for nearly any type of business. The use of short codes has boomed in the business industry as more and more companies are realizing that text message marketing is a very quick, inexpensive, and more productive way to reach their customers (or potential customers).

How It Works

n order for the text message sender to be allowed to send a message to a specific cell phone number they must have the cell phone owners previous permission. This is what is called an opt-in program. A mobile phone user must give their explicit permission to the sender indicating they wish to receive messages from them. If a business sends unsolicited messages to any mobile user without their permission they will be in violation of anti-spam laws and will be fined or punished.
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