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We are YOBISYS YOU Oriented Company!

We, unlike robots, do not work only with our brains. We are humans with an uncanny love for technology and immense love for solutions.

What is YOBISYS?

Company initially started with the name of smallest unit of computer memory named 'Bit'softech.

Afterwards, when we found good position in corporate level, we wanted a name that can in-line with our core business, little bit client requirements, and to provide yobibyte (more, first) output, service to our customers.

We decided to combine two words "yobibyte" and "System" to form Yobisys! Well - what is a yobibyte? You may be familiar with terms such as kilobyte (KB), megabyte (MB) or gigabyte (GB). A yobibyte (a contraction of yotta binary byte) is the largest unit of information or computer storage, commonly abbreviated YiB.

We hope! we can live up to our name and help our customers in supporting IT solutions needs.


To be world most well known organisation in the Software industry to rise above in Quality, Accuracy, Punctuality, Valuation and Client Satisfaction.


To deliver superior value to our customers, employees as well as the society.


  • 1
  • Customer We earn customer respect by providing the highest quality and values.
  • 2
  • Market We lead in the market by developing and delivering innovative products, services and solutions.
  • 3
  • Profit We create value for our customers to achieve their goal and fulfill the objectives.
  • 4
  • Employee We care and promote based on performance and by creating good work environment.
  • 5
  • Strength Our strength is result oriented services, accuracy and client satisfaction.
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